Where it all began

The Star dates from around 1480 and was original built as a private dwelling named Bramwood. By 1560 the property was leased to Mr Thomas Sturgeon who paid a rent to the owner of one shilling per annum (it’s gone up a tad since then!!).

The first official; records of the building begin during the reign of Charles 1, when it was conveyed to Jane Aylett in a deed dated February 20th 1631. It was at this time it became a pub and was called The White Horse. It was extensively modernised in early 1641 the initials were carved into the beam above the fireplace.

The next couple of centuries was used for a number of different trades. In 1749 it was a butcher with a slaughter house at the rear and then some 100 years later it became a bakery. The original oven is still here in the out building at the rear. Eventually it joined the estate of pubs owned by a local brewer named Walter Gray when he purchased it in 1883 for the princely sum of £530.00

In the early 20th Century, horse fairs were held at the end of what is now Star Lane. Unfortunately the fairs attracted many undesirables who would fight and steal. They were not allowed inside the pub and were served through a window and the pub became known as The Hole in the Wall.


Ghostly Goings On

There has been lots of speculation as to whether or not we are haunted and we can only tell you what we know!

In 1956 two sisters paid to stay at The Star and reportedly left in a hurry after the lights in their room turned themselves on and off all night and their bedroom door repeatedly opened and closed.

Another tale concerns that of the ghost of a dog that was said to haunt the premises in the 1960’s. The landlord at the time described a black dog with bared teeth a description that fits with a dog that lived on the premises in 1914. The dog had a scary reputation for killing many of cats in the village.

The story goes that following the dog’s death his head was stuffed and hung from one of the beams in the pub and the ghostly goings on only started when the head was removed!!

We have had some weird things happen but see what you think……… is The Star Haunted or Not??

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